Name: Salsa Brava
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We'll change trains at the next station. I can't afford to buy a new car. I've just finished lunch. Ask him to call me. He has my number. I have no time. There used to be a bridge here. Playing baseball is fun. Don't worry, I won't drop it. Wow, it's really heavy. I don't think I can move it by myself. My temperature is normal. I look forward to my birthday.
Salsa Brava: - The faster we rub our hands together, the warmer they get.
- My sister often cries.
- She got married to him.
- It cost $300 to get the car fixed.
- She danced with him.
- No one knows the reason.
- She tried to persuade him to buy her a pearl necklace.
- She bit him.
- I was out of town on vacation.
- She had a good time talking with him.
Don't worry, we can go tomorrow morning. It opens at 8:00. She traveled around the world last year. It's not easy to speak a foreign language. I promise you I'll look after you. It'll definitely rain. Where did you see Nancy? Our teacher looks very young. She pressured him to quit his job. Would you like to have lunch with me? You're really absent-minded.

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